fishing_1lgSurrounded by the beautiful Tongass National Forest, El Capitan Lodge was fortunate to purchase one of the few private parcels in this large undeveloped area, and as a result, has become a world-class sport fishing destination for Salmon and Halibut anglers.

In Sea Otter Sound, an area known for its excellent salmon and halibut fishing, we troll and mooch for trophy-size King and Silver Salmon or drift fish for the record-breaking Halibut and Rockfish.  At El Capitan, we use quality fishing equipment and high performance tackle to ensure guests have the best chance to boat every fish that strikes their line.

fishing_3lgKing Salmon, also referred to as Chinook, are the largest but least abundant of the salmon species found in Alaskan waters.  Peak season for Kings is mid-May through early July.  Silver Salmon, known to many anglers as Coho, are second in size to Kings with average weights from 10 to 20 pounds.  Anglers have a blast catching their limits of these feisty and acrobatic salmon.  Peak season for Silvers are early July through mid-September.

Halibut, largest of the Pacific flatfish species, are aggressive predators.  Their coloration allows them to blend in well with the sea bottom on which they spend much of their time.  Most caught are in the 25 – 40 pound range; however, quite a few “barn doors” weigh in well over 100 pounds.

fishing_8lgDaily catches are processed in our indoor cleaning facility, vacuum-packed, frozen, and placed in wet-lock boxes for shipment home.

Freshwater fishing adventures for Salmon and Trout are available upon request.  Please inquire if interested.





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